How to Make a Website for Your Coffee Shop Business or Bakery Business


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This is the Easy Way to Make a Website for Your Coffee Business

When you start a coffee shop business or an online coffee business, you will have lots on your plate. From choosing the right location, picking your coffee beans, to hiring your employees. Sometimes too much that it can be nearly paralyzing.

Creating your coffee shop website, however, can be a snap.

I recommend that when you decide to start setting up a coffee shop, you should create your online coffee presence.

start a coffee shopHere’s why: It’s a motivation builder!  In fact, one of the great “momentum building” things you can do is to get your future coffee shop website up online.  (And it’s pretty easy and affordable too!)

In fact, I believe that if you have the skills to send an email or update your Facebook page with pictures of  your last vacation, then you certainly have the skills to build your own website. I will demonstrate just how easy it is in the following videos.

But first, when it comes to setting up your “online coffee business”, let’s consider you options:

Your Quick Options to Creating Your Store

  1. Shopify (Click here for a Free-Trial) 

Shopify makes everything pretty easy by allowing you to quickly get your website up and online and ready for business in relatively no time at all.

Shopify is great if you are about to open your café and if you are wanting to sell stuff directly online right away. They deal with the hosting and the hassle.

The cost is about $29 per month. So, how many sales do you need to make up the cost of having a great website and shopping cart? 


Develop your own website – Having your own website is important (of course you can also do this through Shopify, but that’s a little more expensive).

Developing your website can be pretty easy to do. And the more you tinker with it, the better it can look.

What you need to have your own website:

#1: Get Your Domain Name: This is your personalized website address

#2: Get Your Website Hosting: Get Your Free Domain Name with Your Hosting Service

#3: WordPress Software is Free (See Video below on how to upload it) 

#4: WordPress Theme (Free-to-Premium Themes are available)


If you don’t know where to start your coffee shop website…

Dont Fret. We got you covered.  Seriously, we do.

First, Get Your Free Guide to Creating an Online Coffee Business Here.

Next, the following video is a short instruction video to get your domain and website online. This is a “low key”, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to get your website online without having any coding or real computer skills!  

You will need to have an email and know a little about uploading pictures, but that’s really it.  Also, in the video, I will be using a website hosting service called Blue Host, which is you have to pay for to get your own hosting account (don’t worry, it’s cheap)!

Also, I will be using a free software called WordPress, which I can show you how to install in the video below.

So, get Blue Host account going and then come back and follow along with video #1: 


Step 1: Get Your Domain Name > (Through GoDaddy)

Step 2: Get a Hosting Provider > Save with BLUE HOST (Affiliate Link)

Step 3: Connect the Two (Your Domain and Hosting Provider)

Step 4: Upload WordPress Through Blue Host (Blue Host Makes it Easy)

Step 5: Configure Settings

Step 6: Look at Themes  (and Upload)

Step 7: Add your Content, Products

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!


Video 2:  

(Discovering Your Dashboard, Available Plugins, Creating Posts, and Uploading Your Logo)


See, this is pretty easy, right? If you need help, simply email me and I will be able to answer any questions! Remember to get your web hosting package with Blue Host to follow along.