How to Market Your Coffee Shop Business

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Long before you start you coffee shop business, you will want to think about how you will market your coffee shop to your community.

Marketing should be a part of your monthly budget, as it is a part of doing business. While marketing might take some investment, there are creative ways to really stretch your dollar.

We like saving money and will often pass any tips that we can to help new and veteran coffee shop owners boosts sales and profits for your coffee business.

Coffee Shop Business Marketing Tip 1: Teach, Teach, & Teach!

One excellent way to build your following of both veteran coffee aficionados and coffee newbies is to be a teacher. Teaching can be an excellent way to expand your customer base. Providing your physical space and coffee expertise can be endearing to community members. In addition to building a following, you also generate “authority” as a café that knows what they are doing.

Consider the following opportunities to market your coffee business:

Coffee Cuppings – public cuppings are an excellent way to bring in coffee geeks from out of the wood work and into your cafe. It's also a great way to meet other baristas that are looking for work!

Coffee Tastings – like cupping offering free samples of your coffee when they first arrive can serve to educate your “average customer” who may want to try a particular roast profile side by side (or a particular brewing method) side by side. This is a perfect opportunity to allow your customers to understand the nuances of the coffee you pick.

What’s the difference between coffee cuppings and tastings? Well, depending on how they are executed, the difference can be small or great. Coffee cuppings may be more academic and analytical in nature when certain quality control scorings are performed.

Coffee tastings are simply offering a variety of coffees that are brewed to be tried and discussed – and are often more casual. There are “coffee tasting” triangulations to discern which coffee is different as well but requires a bit more organization.

Simply placing a variety of small samples for your customers to try is a great way to educate your customer and build a loyal following.

Coffee Classes – classes that teach about the history of coffee, brewing techniques, or even offering insight to where your coffee comes from exactly.


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