10 Great Locations To Start Your Coffee Shop Business

10 Ideas to Chose the Best Coffee Shop Business Location

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Where Should You Set Up Your Coffee Business?


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Much of Your Coffee Shop Success IS Really Determined By Your Location

When it comes to starting a coffee shop business, your location means everything. Without a good coffee shop location you business will have a difficult time optimizing your sales.

Of course, prudent business planning, excellent business administration and excellent customer service and product delivery is essential, but when it comes to a “brick and mortar” coffee shop, your coffee shop location really matters.

Starting the search for your coffee shop location early by conducting relevant research will be important.

Throughout the years, we’ve looked at plenty of coffee businesses throughout the country and believe that there are some great ideas or logical locations where you might also consider locating your coffee shop or café near.

With all things being equal, we have found that some locations are simply better than others. Of course, you will still have to do your market research and consider other important factors that will impact your coffee business including the regulatory issues, taxes, labor laws, real estate prices and rules, etc. 

In our Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit we offer discussions (audio interviews) that discuss locations and leasing options for soon-to-be coffee shop owners that you will want to have access to. 



Consider the following locations to put your coffee business adjacent to:


  • Set Your Coffee Stand or Coffee Shop Near a Library

Libraries are great locations for a coffee business, especially if it is frequented by local high school, college, and university students.

Where there are young adults who are studying, chances are they will be looking for a good cup of coffee. A steady stream of hungry, tired students needing their caffeine jolt makes libraries a perfect candidate area to set up your cafe or coffee stand.

  • Setup your Coffee Shop Near a Bookstore

Bookstores and coffee mix very well. Having a cafe or coffee bar within a bookstore or a newspaper stand can be both complementary and supplementary when it comes to your bottom line, and over all success.

  • Near Post Offices or P.O. Box Service Centers

Post offices often create a lot of foot traffic in many instances. Of course, there is also a lot of vehicular traffic, so deciding on a cafe or coffee stand will take some analysis. Either way, you will have a regular stream of steady traffic that you can depend on.


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  • Set Your Coffee Shop by  All-Night Laundry Mats

People who generally spend two or three hours waiting for their clothes to be washed and dried will be potentially great customers who wish to enjoy a cup of coffee, and perhaps a cookie or two!

  • Set Up Your Coffee Business Near a Pet Grooming Business

Having a coffee shop near a pet grooming business is similar a laundry mat. If you wait for your pet to be groomed, you will likely drop them off and do some errands. You may also decide to stay at the local cafe next door too! 

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  • Place your Coffee Shop by or Near Several Boutique Shops

Shopping with a cup of coffee is so common, that it's often difficult to imagine not having a cup of coffee while you are out buying gifts or items for yourself. Having a coffee shop or cafe near a group of boutique shops is very complimentary.

  • Consider Setting Up Your Coffee Shop Near Museums & Other Cultural Points of Interest

Having a coffee shop near a museum is common. In fact, many museums now have their own coffee shops. However, if you can establish your business near monument, museum, or cultural center, you may be able to benefit from the constant traffic. 

  • Set Up Your Coffee Shop Near Indie Music Stores

Coffee shops and indie music stores go together like cake and ice-cream. If you're community has an indie music store (which has a healthy customer base), you may consider the various options to place 

  • Look to Set up Your Coffee Business Near Game Stores or Comic Book Shops

Gaming shops are increasingly popular. Like other popular healthy business that bring in lots of foot traffic, gaming shops can be beneficial to a neighboring coffee business.


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  • Near Sandwich Shops

Sandwich shops or other small eateries, as long as they don't compete by serving coffee, can be beneficial. In fact, in many strip mall across Southern California you will see chain coffee shops with chain eateries because they often complement each others.

  • Near Candle and Home Décor Shops

Browsing for small gifts and home decor can generate foot traffic that can be beneficial for coffee shops or cafes. 

  • Card and Paper Shops

The customer for card, gift, and paper shops are often the customers will would love to by an espresso, latte, or other coffee beverage before or after their shopping experience.

  • Near Flower shops

Flower shops may not seem like a good complement to a cafe, but a flower stand next to a cafe can be beneficial.

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  • Near Movie theaters

Movie theaters and coffee are the elements of a perfect date. Movie theaters can potentially bring in a steady, dependable customer base who are looking to grab a cup of coffee before or after seeing a movie.

  • Near Art galleries

Art galleries naturally bring in visitors who wish to grab a cup of coffee. They provide an opportunity for patrons of art galleries to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while visiting with each other.


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Looking for Your Coffee Shop Business in Your Hometown:

Why these locations? Because all of these business require foot traffic to survive. Chances are that if they have successfully sustained their business throughout the years, then they have found a good location. Often times, your coffee business can piggy back on their food and vehicular traffic – and even draw further traffic to the area.

In fact, many of these businesses may welcome your coffee shop or coffee stand. Your business along with theirs can form a symbiotic relationship that can last for years – and contribute real value to the people in your community.

When you start looking for your coffee business location, keep in mind that no location is perfect. Rather, you will need to determine the “best” location based on a number of factors (that may themselves change).

These include your costs, taxes, laws, and distance away from your home. But the biggest issue might be your traffic. A boost in traffic will boost your sales and therefore your profits (if your marketing, branding, and community outreach) are consistent and present.

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Coffee Shop Startups is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to help get your business planning off the ground? Continue to browse our dedicated library of free coffee business articles. Additionally, when you are ready, consider getting our  Coffee Shop Startup Kit.


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