3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Simply Cut & Paste Your Coffee Shop Business Plan

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Simply Cut & Paste Your Coffee Shop Business Plan

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“Cut & Pasting” Your Business Plan Doesn't Serve You or Your Customers

Retail coffee business entrepreneurs do often understand the importance of having a business plan. For many, it will be the first time they write a business plan at all or have any experience crunching financial numbers. Even veteran baristas who “know coffee” are often at a loss when they need to negotiate a property lease or create a budget. And yet many in fact do know that the first thing you should do is create a business plan.

So it makes sense then that many would-be would try and start a business plan. In our experience, a majority of them will go online – and search for “Coffee Shop Business Plan.” They may come upon a decent resource that outlines a business plan – and then they will cut and paste a regular business plan and start working on it. While we definitely encourage any serious would-be business owner to work on a comprehensive business plan, we feel that this isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

Cut and Pasting Your Business Planning: While it’s one way to start, we believe it’s the wrong way. Here’s why…

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Business Plans, While Similar, Are Not The Same

If you are a tech start-up, a tax accountant businessman, or a coffee shop – you will probably have different business plans. It makes sense, right? While on the surface, a business plan might look familiar – a generic business plan may not provide you what you need as a coffee shop business owner. A Coffee Shop Business Plan with an emphasis on the retail coffee business is better suited for your planning. After all, why go through all the trouble of doing the wrong type of business plan?

Considerable Research is Required Before Write Your Business Plan

Do you remember writing a high school research paper? While you may be given the format by a teacher to write out your report, at least some research is required before you actually you sit down and start writing. If you aren’t doing any research before writing out your coffee shop business plan, then you are simply going through the motions. And going the through motions is a waste of time and money.

A Coffee Shop Business Plan requires some explanations which requires thought, reflection, and analysis

Every business plan has categories that seem intuitive – while others aren’t that simple without giving some thought and planning. For example, to come up with your pro forma sales estimates, what are you going to do? How will you come up with the numbers? You can gloss over the financials, but it won't make you look good in front of investors, bankers, partners, or property owners.

Being successful at business is certainly important. You will find that people who are successful at business do one important thing: they educate themselves, bring in smart people, and are tenacious about getting the knowledge they need to give them the edge, save money, or beat the competition. It’s our hunch that they rarely resort to “cut and pasting” for detailing their business plan.

But let’s roll with it. Let us say that you have “cut and pasted” or copied a generic business plan template. Okay, great. But now what?

Your Coffee Business Plan, write a coffee business planAre you completely sure that you’ve got the right business plan? Are you really wasting your time? Are you being led down a path that has little to do with planning your coffee shop business? Have you researched all there is to research about starting a retail coffee business? And finally, do you think it is worth a tiny investment in strengthening your knowledge and exposing yourself to the wisdom of others? We certainly believe so.

We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of new and aspiring coffee shop owners this year better prepare for their coffee shop business. We have offered nearly a hundred unique and in-depth – and free – retail coffee shop business articles. Our exclusive DIY digital online coffee shop business startup kit has help them research, prepare, and write their coffee shop business plan. We hope that you will make the small investment in starting your coffee shop business with us.

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