6 Signs You’d Make a Great Coffee Shop Owner


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Thinking about opening a café or coffee shop? While there are plenty of good skills you’ll want to have in your personal toolbox, there are certainly other traits that may make you a prime candidate for success as a coffee shop business owner.  

Having general business skills, moderate math and accounting skills, as well as some degree of knowledge working with local agencies and health departments will be important. And yet, together these don’t necessarily make you a sure-fire candidate for success in the retail coffee world.

Signs You'll Be a Great Coffee Shop Owner

So, what exactly do you need to be a success coffee house business owner? Well, there is no right answer, but we believe there are certain characteristics you’ll want to have.

If you ever wanted to sell coffee and open a café, here are SIX signs that you’d make a great coffee shop owner.


Sign #1: You’re a self-starter.

Do you take life by the horns? Do you start the morning looking for ways to move your dreams forward? Self-starters make great entrepreneurs and especially great coffee shop owners. Having the personality to get up and achieve your dreams is one sure sign you’re up to starting your coffee business.


Sign #2: You’re adventurous.

Ah, I’m not talking about your ability to Zip-line in the Himalayas or hike the Appalachian Trail (though if you already have, that’s awesome). I’m talking more about the ability to live paycheck to paycheck for awhile, at least until your revenue stabilizes. Having the ability to make “things work” with “what you’ve got” is actually quite adventurous. Being adventurous means skirting the limits of what’s financial comfortable for you. Setting up a coffee shop can seem straight forward, until it isn’t and then you are forced to use your skills to make things work.


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Learning how to open your coffee business. Photo: Tumblr

Sign #3: You’re good at following through.

The ability to finish what you started is a powerful trait to possess when starting a coffee house. The ability to follow through requires discipline and a sense of will power as you move forward marking things off your “To Do” list. Starting a coffee business really comes down to establishing a plan and sticking to it. Executing each item as they are needed. If you are good at following through with everything else in your life, I would take that as a powerful sign you’ll make a great coffee business owner.


Sign #4: You’re good under pressure

Coffee shop business owners know that there will be pressure when starting their business. Natural startup growing pains can impact your coffee shop business as well. The ability to keep cool under pressure will be important for you as you start your café. If you able to do well under pressure, this is yet another good sign that you are up to starting a coffee shop.


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Sign #5: You love meeting new people

As a coffee shop business owner, you will be meeting lots of new people. If you like to naturally socialize and you are “chatty” with just about anyone, you’ll be in your comfort zone as a coffee shop owner. There is no question that people who have natural people’s skills are often successful with any career choice they make. But it is particularly needed when we’re talking about starting a coffee stand or opening a café.


Sign #6 You’re creative

When it comes to marketing and making things work at your coffee shop, you’re going to need to be creative. Reaching new customers, making teams of baristas work well, developing a schedule, discovering new coffees or food for your customers, and delivering value in a manner that resonates with your customers requires a bit of creativity. So, while you might not be able to draw a picture or paint on a blank canvas, you will need some business creativity to help your coffee business adapt to a continually changing marketplace.


What’s Missing? The Obvious love for coffee!


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Start a coffee business: Photo credit: Tumblr Black Oak Coffee


Of course! The love for coffee! Sure, as a coffee shop owner you’ll want be passionate about coffee. Perhaps, I already assume that as a would-be coffee shop owner, you’ll love coffee. If you want to start a coffee shop, having a passion for sharing great coffee with your family and friends may something you’ll naturally do. However, you’d be surprised to know that many successful coffee business owners actually didn’t know too much about coffee when they first started. Yet, what they did have are the traits mentioned earlier in this article.

Starting a coffee shop can be a lot of fun, but it will require some basic financial skills and soft skills for lasting success.

How to Start a Coffee Shop in Seven Steps

Step 1: Develop your business concept

Step 2: Learn as much as you can about the retail coffee business

Step 3: Determine who your customer will be

Step 4: Search for your location & choose your menu

Step 5: Start writing your coffee shop business plan

Step 6: Start getting your money together & understand your finances

Step 7: Execute your coffee shop business plan

Each of the above steps requires a depth of knowledge. To get the expertise you need, wouldn't it be effective to actually ask coffee shop owners how they started their coffee business? Unfortunately, there aren't too many coffee business apprenticeships available. But we've created the next best thing in our Coffee Shop Startup Kit.

Where Should You Start Your Coffee Shop Planning?

We provide one of the most effective ways to start your coffee shop or coffee stand business.  Whether you want to open a coffee drive-thru stand in your neighborhood or you want to set up a coffee shop in your city, consider our coffee shop business audio kit.  Interviews with coffee business experts that will help you expand your knowledge-base and business planning expertise.

Nowhere will you find so much information that will give you the knowledge you need to start your coffee business planning today. Start your coffee shop business planning with us today with our Coffee Shop Business Audio Kit:

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