Creating Your Coffee Shop Logo

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Create Your Coffee Shop Logo

Your Coffee Shop Logo Is Essential To Your Coffee Business!

coffee logoAs you start your coffee shop, you'll have plenty of decisions to make. One of the important decisions is choosing what your logo and branding will be.

Developing your branding for your coffee shop is a good way to stand out among other coffee competitors, attract customers, and build pride in your business.

Your logo symbolizes the essence of your coffee business.

Once you choose the name of your coffee shop or your coffee stand, you should make the investment in your logo and website.

No doubt, your logo is an effective way to create an emotional connection between your coffee shop business and the community in which you serve. The name of your coffee shop as well as your business concept will highly influence what your logo design is. 

What’s the best way to create a logo for your coffee business?

coffee shop logosLarger companies and corporations that we are all familiar with hire expensive agencies that have teams of expert designers to come up with the best ideas and the most appealing logo designs for their firms.

The designs are then brought to the client (the companies) to choose and give feedback.

Agencies can charge tens of thousands of dollars to create a logo and brand for their clients.

This is way too expensive for most small businesses!

So what do small businesses (like coffee shops) do?

Many small businesses continue to hire solo graphic artists and freelancers to develop their logo work. This is fine, however, the big drawback is that once you select and pay one graphic designer to develop your logo, you are essentially stuck with the design that graphic designer gives you.


best coffee shop logo


What if you can create a professional logo for your coffee business in the same method as the big corporations?

Actually, the internet makes it possible for you to compete with the big boys.

For example, at 99Designs, you can have teams of graphic designers from all walks of life, experiences, and degrees of talent that come together generate a dozens of great logo options for your specific coffee business.

best coffee shop logoAll for just a couple hundred bucks, 99Designs leverages the competitiveness of great designers to help design your coffee shop logo.

Check out 99Designs here.

We like their business model. Essentially once you sign up and give your ideas and stylistic thoughts on what you would like your logo to look like, you’ll have talented designers compete to offer you their best logo design.

So, you will get dozens and dozens of logo designs submitted to you… after which you pick the winner!


Your Coffee Business: First Impressions Count!


best coffee shop logoWhy is your coffee business logo so important?

Everyone who runs across your coffee business will see your logo first. Even before they try a cup of coffee, they will make a determination of your business based entirely on your logo!


What will you use your logo for anyway?

Your logo will be used on exterior and interior signs at your coffee shop, coffee drive-thru business, and kiosk.

It may also be displayed on your “to-go” cups and cup sleeves, as well as your business cards.

Additionally, your logo will be on other printed materials and merchandise such as menus, company employment forms, employee handbooks, t-shirts, and coffee mugs.

And of course, your logo will be used on your coffee shop website, your social media accounts, and perhaps on unique pictures that you’ll be taking to share with your customers.


Symbolizing Your Coffee Business

best coffee shop logo, create a logo for coffee shopA logo summarizes your coffee business in a symbolic way. Certainly, a logo works to communicate a lot about your business as well as help you develop the trust you need from people that you will work.

For example, developing your coffee shop logo should be used when you submit your business plan proposal to your property manager or property owner.

First impressions count! You want to deliver a positive impression about your business that displays a well-thought business concept. This can be done with a great looking logo.


Is a coffee shop logo worth the cost?

coffee logos Yes! The money spent on your logo development will deliver incredible value over the life of your business.

I’m a big believer in saving money wherever you can as you set off to start your coffee business.

Keeping your money as long as possible is important for you to ensure that you will have enough money to see you through until your business is profitable. But, investing in a quality logo is certainly worth every penny.

With that said, you should invest in three important things before starting your coffee business:

  • Your business planning
  • Your business branding (your logo and concept)
  • Getting the expertise and training (from business administration, accounting and equipment to your barista skills)

If designed well, your logo will deliver a high “Return on Investment” (ROI) over the life of your business.

Having a Professional Looking Logo Matters

We know the important roles that logos and brands play are even in our own lives. We are familiar with brand names and recognize the value in developing your own brand. This is important for new coffee shops too.  

In many respects a logo can be considered the face of your business, and therefore having a professional looking logo matters.  

If you have a friend or family member that can create a logo for you, then that's even better! But if you don't consider investing in a graphic designer to do it for you.

Like choosing the name, your logo should be clear, concise, and memorable. Consider the logo choice below:

choosing a logo for your coffee shop


Creating Your Own Coffee Shop Logo Tips

  • Keep in clear, concise, and memorable
  • It should convey the emotions that symbolizes your business
  • You should get all the original Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files (Additionally, ask your graphic designer for high resolution “PNG” files with a transparent background.)


coffee shop logo

If you are looking for an affordable option for logo designs, consider checking out 99Designs for your coffee business. They have helped thousands of small businesses design their logos.

Learn more about 99Designs.

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