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Our Coffee Shop Streaming Audio Interviews

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Below is a list of streaming audio interviews that come with our Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit. Additionally, our exclusive coffee business kit comes with additional bonus materials including a coffee shop business plan template, pricing guide, workbook, and “How To” coffee guide.

*All of the audio interviews below come in a streaming audio that you can listen to anywhere any device which you can access the internet. 

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Interview #1: Understanding Your Coffee Shop Property Lease

Understanding your property lease is critical to the success of your coffee shop or coffee stand business. Don't go into your property lease-signing naked! This is the essential “must hear” interview before signing any lease with a property owner for your coffee shop.

Since there are thousands of dollars at stake over the period of your lease, you don't want to sign anything unless you are prepared! You need to provide yourself with the knowledge that get's you the best deal possible.

An hour leasing “consultation” can cost you up to $600! This audio interview, which is done with a national property leasing expert, offers incredible insight and provides a thoughtful discussion on how to prepare, approach, and get the most favorable lease for your coffee business.
If you are planning to sign any lease for your coffee business, listen to this audio interview!
Approx: 60 minutes long. Streaming Audio.

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Interview #2: Choosing Your Coffee Shop Equipment

The next important step to setting up your coffee shop is to understand what your coffee equipment needs are and how to avoid overspending your hard-earned cash.
Therefore, choosing the right coffee equipment is essential to keeping a handle on your budget.
This streaming audio interview is another “must hear” business resource before buying any coffee equipment for your business.

If you want to make the most of your coffee equipment decisions, save significant amounts of money, and broaden your knowledge of what coffee equipment you should shop for, then you need to hear this streaming audio interview.

We provide new and aspiring coffee shop owners with:

• An in-depth discussion on understanding what coffee equipment you need.
• What the process of choosing the best coffee equipment is.
• What questions to ask yourself when thinking about your coffee equipment business.

We believe this streaming audio interview provides you with an incredible money-saving value that is worth the entire cost of this package! 

Approx: 60 minutes long. Streaming Audio.


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Interview #3: Getting Your Health Department Permit Approved!

Your local health department plays a key role in the launch of your coffee business. Getting stuck in the maze of your local county health department can cause months of delays and thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

If you want to learn how to open a coffee shop and navigate your health department, our exclusive interview with a health department official can provide you with excellent background for obtaining and maintaining your coffee business' health permit!

You cannot serve coffee without getting your health department permit. Avoid losing thousands of dollars per months on hold-ups.

This streaming audio interview is another “must hear” resource you should listen to before you start planning your coffee shop or coffee stand.

Complete with recommendations, tips and advice for planning, preparing, and working with your health department, this interview demystifies your local health agency.

Approx: 40 minutes long. Streaming Audio.

how to start a coffee shop


Interview #4: Your Coffee Shop Bookkeeping

Learning how to start a coffee shop requires you to focus your attention on accounting, bookkeeping, and record keeping.

This interview offers bookkeeping recommendations for a typical coffee business. It offers an interesting discussion with a Certified Public Account who has experience of working with local coffee shops and small, independent businesses.

We recommend that you start thinking early about your accounting system that you will use to maintain your inventory, employee records, and clean tax documents.

This interview will help you start thinking about the best way you should manage your finances, inventory, payroll, and more.

Approx: 30 minutes long. Streaming Audio.

how to start a coffee shop business


Interview #5: Starting a Coffee Shop With Little Money

A common question we often hear is, ‘How do you start a coffee shop with no money?'

If you want to start a coffee business but are struggling to find financial resources or a business model to fit your budget, then you don't want to miss this audio interview featuring one coffee business case study!

This streaming audio interview provides yet another real-world option for those with limited startup money for a coffee shop business.

This is a real intimate look at one successful coffee business which is based on a “co-operative” business model.

Whether you choose to model this business type or implement a similar strategy, we believe this interview provides a great insight into how one coffee business owner had started his incredibly successful coffee shop with little money.

What insights will you walk away with when pondering your coffee business finances? What steps can you incorporate into your own coffee shop business to make up for lack of funds?

Approx: 60 minutes long. Streaming Audio.


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Interview #6: The ADA Law and Your Coffee Shop

Hiring employees, designing your coffee shop, and serving your customers with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in mind is something that many coffee shop owners are not sure about.

This important audio interview provides essential human resources information that every coffee shop business owner should know to avoid lawsuits, understand hiring practices, coffee shop design and remodeling, and to be able to provide accessible services to your customers and employees!

If you plan on doing any remodeling, light construction, or plan on hiring employees, you will want to listen and learn from about the ADA Law with this interview.

**Not planning on setting up a coffee shop in the United States? Other countries most likely have similar laws to the ADA and this interview will help you to start thinking about making the right decisions when it comes to the appropriate design, hiring, serving, and helping customers with disabilities.

Approx: 40 minutes long. Streaming Audio.


how to open a coffee shop
Interview #7: How To Start a Coffee Shop: Advice From an Indie Coffee Shop Owner

In this personal one-on-one interview with a coffee shop business veteran, we bring you the answers to many common questions you'll want to know before starting a coffee shop.

For example, what are some of the challenges new owners face? How do you know you're ready to start a coffee business? How would you recommend starting a coffee shop today?

A real-world look: Nearly an hour long, this coffee shop owner discusses the personal challenges she faced when opening her coffee shop, and what she would do differently if she had to do it all over again.

This coffee shop owner offers many pearls of wisdom gained from struggling and succeeding with her own coffee shop. She offers in-depth and valuable advice to new coffee business owners.
What we think: If you're going to spend any money in a coffee business, why not hear the seasoned advice offered by other independent coffee shop owners?

The interview can be invaluable to new coffee shop owners and worth the cost of this entire package!

Approx: 60 minutes long. Streaming Audio.


how to open a cafe, how to start a coffee stand


Interview #8: Creating a Profitable Niche in Retail Coffee

How do you start a coffee shop and succeed?

Every coffee business needs to find their unique sales proposition to thrive in a competitive market.
In this “behind the scenes” interview – we offer an insightful and unprecedented look into one of the retail coffee's fastest growing niches and discuss the rise of a successful drive-thru espresso stand chain.

In this interview, you'll hear how one coffee business owner started her wildly successful coffee stand operation. She reveals how she started and how she effectively manages, hires, and trains employees in her unique and very competitive coffee business niche.

Get a real look “behind the scenes” account of how a coffee owner effectively runs her extremely effective coffee stand business – and hear how she started with no coffee experience all!

Approx: 60 minutes. Streaming Audio.

how to start a coffee shop

Interview #9: How to Stay Innovative & Stay In Business

How do you stay innovative and keep your coffee business running successfully?
You will want to hear the background story of a coffee shop business owner who continuously innovates to stay ahead of the competition.

We discuss how this coffee shop owner generates value for her customers to keep them coming back for more coffee!

This interview is helpful in understanding the “thinking and attitude” behind what makes for a successful coffee shop business. If you want to learn how to start a coffee shop and maintain your success in a competitive market, learning from other cafes in a competitive market is a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

Streaming Audio.


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Interview #10: A Candid Interview With a Successful Coffee Shop Owner

Do you ever wish you could sit down with a successful coffee shop owner and ask him all of your questions before starting a coffee business?

If so, you will want to hear this interview!

In this candid sit-down interview, you'll hear from one successful coffee shop owner, who offers his best advice using his personal business experience. After some reflection about his business, he offers his recommendations on how you may want to start your coffee shop today.

This unique audio interview is perfect for those who are not sure if they are ready to start a coffee shop business, but what like to learn more about the lifestyle, challenges, and benefits of starting and opening a coffee shop.

If you always wished you could simply sit down with a successful coffee shop business owner and “pick his brain”, so that you can ask him just how to start a coffee shop business, you will appreciate the insight that this streaming audio interview delivers.

Approximately 45 minutes. Streaming Audio.


how to start a coffee shop


Interview #11: Managing a Successful Coffee Business

It can be hard to manage a coffee shop business. But what about if you live out of town from where your business is located?

It happens more than you might think. Starting and managing your coffee shop from a distance can be challenging. Managing employees is tough, managing employees from across the country can be nearly impossible.

In this interview, you will hear how this owner is successfully doing it and living the life of her dreams.

This one-on-one provides you with an close look at coffee shop management styles, planning, and innovation – and how to groom your employees to help develop the coffee business that you want and which works for you and your lifestyle.

When you are learning how to start a coffee shop business, you will want to focus on hearing the stories of different management styles. This interview offers a rare and in-depth look at a successful coffee business owner's unique challenges in learning to open a coffee shop business successfully.

Streaming Audio.


how to start a coffee shop, start a cafe
Interview #12: A Coffee Shop With a Non-Profit Business Model

Creating a social enterprise with a coffee business can transform your community. In this audio interview, you'll hear how one coffee shop started out of necessity to impact the lives of others in their community.

While the goals of this coffee shop was to be profitable and self-sustaining, its main purpose was to create jobs and training opportunities to tackle homelessness in their city.

What insights can you gain from working with already-established organizations in your community to help you start and open your own coffee shop business?

How will your coffee shop impact your neighborhood? Can you receive the support of local non-profits to help you with hiring, marketing, and the financial investment to support your coffee shop business? This coffee manager details the impact his coffee shop has had on his community.

Streaming Audio.

how to start a coffee shop business


Interview #13: The Challenges of Starting a Coffee Shop

Reflecting on the opening of a coffee business is an important element of current and aspiring coffee shop business owners.

In this interview, you will hear a candid discussion with a coffee business owner who explains the challenges of first starting a coffee shop business and what she would do differently.

The truth is that coffee business owners come from all different types of backgrounds and professional experiences and move on to start their dream coffee business. This audio interview features one coffee owner's perspective on pursuing her dream coffee shop startup.

Streaming Audio.

how to start a coffee shop

Interview #14: Crowdfunding to Provide Cash for Your Coffee Shop

Want to open a coffee shop but have no money? In this additional bonus audio interview, you will hear two young and energetic coffee business entrepreneurs discuss their new cafe and the KickStarter campaign they started to bring in extra cash.

There is a growing trend for aspiring coffee shop business owners to turn to crowd funding to help with their financial needs.

Perhaps, you too, may be interested in crowdfunding or finding alternative resources to start and launch your coffee business?

While these two young coffee entrepreneurs offer some advice for others who would like to start a coffee shop business through crowdfunding, their energy and enthusiasm will sure leave you with a positive feeling of empowerment.

Streaming Audio.

how to start a coffee shop

Interview #15: Learning From Failure (*The Interview You Want to Hear)

Want to start a coffee shop but have some doubts about it? Every coffee entrepreneur wonders if their coffee shop will fail or be successful. In this sobering interview, we listen to one coffee shop owner’s constant struggle and challenges for over a decade – and eventual closing.

What did she do wrong? What did she do right? Looking back on her coffee shop, what would she do differently if given another chance?

This bonus audio interview will take away some important points about starting, launching, and operating your business – from pricing problems to hiring baristas.
You simply don’t want to miss this interview!


It explores what other coffee business guides or consultants simply don't talk about: FAILURE.

This audio interview takes a real and perhaps hard look at one entrepreneur's struggle and the eventual closing of her coffee business. She offers her advice to new and aspiring coffee business owners. What can you learn from her experience as you plan your own coffee shop or stand business?

Streaming Audio.