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Getting your coffee business off the ground takes a lot of planning and good execution. If you are in considering opening a coffee shop, you will have many parts to fit into your vision. Managing each of those parts is like juggling chainsaws – drop one and the result could be devastating.

To be sure, there are many reasons why a coffee shop business succeeds or fails – perhaps a lack of capital funds, not understanding their market demographics, inability to gain enough patrons on a daily basis are just a few examples. To be sure, dropping the rhetorical chainsaw will get everyone’s attention, but often it’s the small and subtle decisions that often make or break a business.

We believe that three major elements to your coffee business can generate success or failure:

Your Hiring Decisions

Your employees are the face of your business and can either help grow or dwindle your customer base. Your baristas need to be chosen and hired not for just their skills at brewing a great cup of coffee, but for their personality as well. Their ability to create a connection with your customers will be indispensable. Unfortunately, many new coffee business owners don’t hire for personality. You can always train employees to make excellent coffee, but you cannot train for personality.

Your Pricing Strategies

Your pricing strategy is critical. Unfortunately many coffee business owners don’t have a real pricing strategy before they open their doors. The result is that many new coffee business owners struggle to make their bills. Determining a pricing strategy that works for you and your customers is essential.

Quality of Products & Service

Developing excellent customer service and a consistent product every time will lead to happy customers, repeat business, and loyalty. Investing in training your employees will be important throughout the year to develop consistent coffee and an educated barista on the beans you are serving.

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