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How to start a coffee shop business

The Ultimate Guide

Getting Your Flow: How To Successfully Launch a Coffee Shop Business

Our Coffee Shop Startup Kit comes with a number of different resources and guides, including 14 hours worth of audio interviews that you will want to hear. This includes this comprehensive bonus guide and discussion of starting your coffee shop business.

The following is table of contents for “Getting Your Flow – How to Successfully Launch Your Coffee Shop Business.”



Chapter 1: How to Prepare to Open Your Coffee Shop Business
Chapter 2: From Concept To Planning
Chapter 3: Your Business Plan
Chapter 4: Financing Your Coffee Business
Chapter 5: Your Startup Costs & Financials
Chapter 6: Buy An Existing Coffee Shop or Start From Scratch?
Chapter 7: Searching for a Coffee Business For Sale
Chapter 8: Finding the Space to Start & Open a Coffee Shop
Chapter 9: Evaluating Your Coffee Shop Location
Chapter 10: Things to Consider in Your Property Lease
Chapter 11: Thoughts on Designing Your Coffee Shop
Chapter 12: Navigating Your Health Department
Chapter 13: Selecting Your Coffee Equipment
Chapter 14: Thoughts on Hiring & Training Your Baristas
Chapter 15: Rest Assured by Being Insured

Part II: Marketing Your Coffee Shop Business
The Case for Self- Promotion and Marketing

Part III: Coffee Shop Business Ideas

Special Additions:
Special Insert: Questions To Ask Before Buying a Coffee Stand Business
Setting Up Your Espresso Stand Business