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The Super-Easy Way to Start a Website for Your Coffee Shop

If you are opening a coffee shop, you already know that having an online presence will be super important to your business.

Setting up a website for your coffee shop will help your customers find you, learn more about your coffee shop, your menu, and your personal story.

By starting a coffee shop website, you will share with your customers:

  • Your Location(s)
  • Your Hours of Operation
  • Your Menu
  • Drink Specials
  • News and Events
  • Hiring Announcements

Additionally, having a coffee shop website will:

  • Share Your Story
  • Reinforce Your Brand
  • Combat Negative Online Reviews


create a website with bluehost

The great news is that it’s easier than ever to set up your coffee shop’s website. If you are feeling nervous about doing it on your own… don’t worry!  Nowadays, you don’t have to be a “computer techie” to create a great looking website all by yourself.

To setup your website you’re going to need a few basic things including a web hosting account, your domain name, WordPress software (don’t worry it’s free!), and a website theme.

We’ll explain this in greater detail below. The following step-by-step guide will help you set up your website under an hour.  Give yourself 45 minutes to read and set up your website.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed here are our own. We are an affiliate of BlueHost. We can receive compensation if you make a purchase through our website at no additional cost or hassle to you.


45 Minutes.

That's all it takes to setup your website! By the following the next steps, you will be on you way to having your coffee shop website with 45 minutes from start to finish. That's right! Just 45 minutes!

There is no need to pay a website developer hundreds or thousands of dollars when you can setup your coffee shop's website yourself, with just the basic expenses. 

Alright, let's get started!



Choose an affordable Web Hosting Package with BlueHost.

A web hosting package stores the “guts” of your website and makes your website accessible to everyone online. Your website cannot be reached without being hosted on the web.

BlueHost is among the top web hosting companies online. They are fast, dependable, secure, and among the most affordable.

After 4 years, I can tell you that I love BlueHost. They make it easy to set up your website in minutes and they have an excellent support staff available 24/7 by phone or chat. Explore BlueHost Here and follow along with this tutorial.

website hosting


set up a coffee shop website


 setup your website


Select a Website Hosting plan.  For just about one “tall latte” a month, you can host your website securely and easily on BlueHost

BlueHost has flexible and affordable packages that are easy to maintain and setup. 

To save money, consider getting the 36 month hosting package or… if you are simply “testing the waters”, check 12 months. 

As you can see in the graphic below, hosting plans start at about $3.95 a month.

Skip all the extra add-ons, except the privacy option. By selecting to keep your information private, you can be sure that your personal name and address remains out of the public eye and secure.

Not having the whole world know where you live and your phone number can be appealing. Therefore, I certainly recommend getting privacy for your domain. This might add-on $5 – $7 or so to the cost, but it's definitely worth it.


select a web hosting plan

coffee shop website hosting



how to setup a website


Choose a domain name. You will want to choose the name (address) of your website at this point.

You can actually do this while you are ordering your website hosting package with BlueHost.

In fact, if you don’t already have your domain, BlueHost will provide you with a free domain name with your hosting package. (Be sure to check with them for other webhosting specials.)

While you should try to register the name of your website as the domain name this is not always possible.  If you can't register the exact name, remember to make your domain name as similar as you can, while making it clear, easy to spell, and memorable.

choose a domain name for your website

See if your domain name is available on BlueHost


Already have a domain name?

If you already have a domain name registered, that’s great!  If not, that's okay! 

BlueHost makes it super easy to add-on your current domain name with their hosting service once you order it.  

What you will need to do is go to the registrar you have your domain name registered with and log in to your account. Then select your domain, and then go to your DNS settings tab. Next, simply change the DNS server's settings on your registrar settings. There are two fields that you will need to enter

BlueHost’s DNS servers are ns1.Bluehost.com and ns2.Bluehost.com. You would simply change these on your registrar's dashboard.


how to setup a website


On the next page, fill out your account information.  With BlueHost, you can feel confident that your information is secure. 

your web hosting plan

How to setup a website


To get your plan started, simply provide your payment information over the BlueHost secure payment system. It's safe, easy, and affordable compared to other web hosting plans.

pay for your website hosting


how to setup a website


Create your password and log in to your new BlueHost account! BlueHost will send you an email confirmation of your password. 


choose your website hosting

choose your password


choose your website hosting plan

coffee shop website hosting



how to setup a website


Pick your website's theme. This is the fun part!  BlueHost allows you to pick a theme to create the “look and feel” of your website. You have plenty to choose from. Many themes are free while other themes you will have to pay for.

Don’t worry, you can pick something free and basic for now – and always change the theme later. If you want to take a look at other premium themes for your coffee shop, consider visiting ThemeForest

In the meantime, let's continue to just focus on building your website!


choose a theme


how to setup a website


The next step is easy!  BlueHost will walk you through the dashboard and setting. All you have to do is select the Blue “Start Building” Button.

start a website


how to setup a website


Next, you will find yourself at the “Welcome to WordPress” section. When you arrive there, select the Blue “Business” Button and follow the steps.


website setup



how to setup a website


Create your content. This is where you get to show off.  BlueHost and WordPress make it easy to upload your content, such as pictures, graphics, and text.

Take a swing at it. Create your first blog post, or write your “About Page” for your company. Familiarize yourself with the left-hand dashboard menu. Explore.

BlueHost makes it easy!


create a website - create your content


how to setup a website


Are you ready? It's time to launch your website!  With BlueHost, it is really that easy!  Even if you have never created a website before, your personal or business website will be up and running.


launch your website


how to setup a website


Are You Ready to Start a Website for Your Coffee Shop?


If so, it's time to get started! Simply visit BlueHost and get your coffee shop website up and running within an hour. If you need help, email us. 




Take the First Step…

Setup Your BlueHost Account & Get Your Domain Name



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