Start a Coffee Shop with Momentum

Start a coffee shop with momentum

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If you want to open a coffee shop or set up coffee stand, what’s the best way to start?

For most people who are new to the retail coffee industry, you probably just won't start a coffee shop overnight and open the very next day. Like anything worthwhile, starting a coffee business may take some time… however, if you take too much time, you’re in danger of never starting at all!

Ninety-nine percent of people who actually wish to start a coffee shop or set up a coffee stand end up, never actually start their coffee business.

Why is that?

They simply don’t know how and where to start their coffee business. And so, like many other dreams in our collective lives, it fades and it never gets realized.

We believe that one strategy to get your coffee business off the ground is get something called, “momentum.” That’s right, the BIG M word – Momentum!

By taking slow, steady, and deliberate steps consistently to open and start your coffee shop, you will gradually gain the necessary traction and forward movement to actually realize your goal.

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How to Start a Coffee Shop with Momentum

We think there is a better formula to start a coffee shop or coffee stand. We think that the one sure way you will be able to open a successful coffee shop from where you are today is by building momentum. Momentum is the one true way towards realizing your coffee business.

Here are 5 easy ways to start building momentum for starting your coffee business.

  1. Visit coffee roasters in your area. When you visit local and independent coffee roasters you’ll be doing a few important things. First, you will be researching the available sources of wholesale roasted coffee that you will want to serve for your store. Second, you will be learning about different coffee profiles and blends that are available to you. With so many different blends and unique roasting from independent roasters, you will be sure to enjoy your time tasting coffee. Third – and probably the most important – is that you will be exposing yourself to passionate people who love coffee. Chances are you will get the opportunity to “cup” great coffees too! That passion you are exposed to can be contagious. By picking up some passion for yourself, you will be finding your motivation to be much higher.


  1. Visit a coffee event this year. By attending a coffee event you will meet many new and veteran coffee business owners, professionals, and roasters who want to meet you. You will see that they are just people who realized their dream by starting somewhere. Additionally, you can find other professionals and vendors that you might just want to do business with. Despite the potentially great opportunities for learning and discovering new things about the retail coffee industry, you will probably meet great people too. People in the coffee industry, I have found, are among the most friendliest and supportive people around. Tell them you want to start a coffee shop or you want to set up a coffee stand and they will be glad to help.


  1. Visit coffee shops with a purpose. Chances are that you live in driving distance from several decent to great coffee shops. Pay them all a visit. Sit, sip on a coffee, and observe their “business”. Perhaps, they will be your competition one day. Also, consider becoming chatty with the owner, the baristas, and even the other patrons. Learn about the business. When they started and how business is going. Start visiting coffee shops and meeting owners. You will find that they are almost always friendly and generally pretty willing to answer any business questions that you might have.


  1. Decide on a business name. This isn’t as simple as it seems, but when it’s done, it can definitely be a momentum builder! I believe that sometimes, you simply have to declare your dream. A good way to do that is by deciding on a name for your coffee business. Consider doing an online search and see if the business name is taken first. After all, you also don’t want to violate any trademarks or copyrights. Once that’s done, run it by a few people and see what they think.

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  1. Get your business website up and running. We live in a time where you can create your own website with relatively little computer skills. It’s not as hard as you think! You can easily buy your domain name, get internet hosting and develop your own website. We recommend Blue Host for establishing and hosting your website. (P.S. Learn how to start your own online coffee business here.)

For saving on your website hosting visit Blue Host.

  1. Get the Coffee Shop Startups Kit – a comprehensive audio kit that provides you a wide array of information you will want before you move forward and start your business. We take your success seriously. We believe that there is no other coffee shop course, book, or startup kit that is more effective than ours. Collectively, our audio interviews, ebook, guides, and workbook can provide you with an incredible background to help you plan and launch your coffee shop.


The truth is that there is plenty of ways to start building your momentum. Much if it requires you to take a step forward and be prepared to learn and be receptive to the energy that comes with meeting new people, discovering new things, and developing a deeper understanding of your business.

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Start a Coffee Shop Business Prepared: Our coffee shop business kit comes with a full and editable coffee shop business plan, explanation of your equipment needs, and it helps you to figure out your budget, break-even point, and coffee shop startup costs. But it has nearly 15 hours of audio interviews with real coffee shop business professionals who offer their advice and expertise to new and aspiring coffee shop owners. 

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