How to Start Your Coffee Shop from Scratch (Part 2)

How to Start Your Coffee Shop from Scratch (Part 2)

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How to Start Your Coffee Shop from Scratch (Part 2)

Today, we continue our discussion on how to start your coffee shop from scratch. (To review the resources from Part 1, click here).

Starting a coffee business means juggling a lot of chainsaws. And I think we all know what happens when we drop a chainsaw. If we drop the ball on say, our lease or coffee equipment, we could be in for a big and unwelcome surprise!

So, let’s move on to the other important elements to planning and launching your coffee business. Now, at this time, we think that deeply exploring your coffee equipment, leasing options for your coffee shop, your specific health department requirements (and workflow), your state’s ADA requirements for the design of your café, as well as your Point of Sale system.

While you still might be in the “planning phase” – you should explore each of these thoroughly before launching a coffee business.


Your Coffee Business Equipment

coffee shop equipmentYour coffee equipment is an essential to your coffee business. Unfortunately, too many new coffee business owners get the wrong equipment, worn and used equipment, and have to pay twice as much in the end. Our coffee shop business starter package offers a great audio interview to help new business owners prepare for purchasing coffee equipment.


We offer the following coffee shop business resources:

Coffee Business Article: What coffee equipment do you need to start a coffee shop?


Your Coffee Business Leasing Options

how to open a coffee shop businessThe leasing option is one of the scariest things for a new coffee business owners to sign. It can be incredibly difficult to get a lease that is completely in your favor without negotiation and well-thought out planning.

Here again, we offer an incredible must-hear interview that is essential to grow and expand your knowledge base in this important subject.

Coffee Business Article: Things to Consider in Your Coffee Business Lease


Your Coffee Business and the Health Department

The health department in your community will be important to for you to navigate through if you want to open on time. Many new business owners have to spend double the money to fix things, such as the design of a café, the materials used, and equipment chosen and that should have been done right the first time.

We offer the following coffee shop business resources:

Coffee Business Article: Things to Consider with The Health Department


how to start a coffee stand, how to open a coffee shop

Your Coffee Business and Your ADA Requirements

The ADA requirements are federal regulations put in place to protect the civil liberties of millions of Americans. The ADA requirements for your business will be essential to consider as you plan out the design of your café as well as your hiring practices.

Your Coffee Shop POS System

coffee shop startups pos, pos squareYour coffee business will rest on sales. How will you take your customer’s money?

Exploring your POS options is critical long before you open your doors and start pouring coffee.

We offer the following coffee shop business resources:

Square: Perhaps the Best Resource for Your POS System


If you are interested in starting a coffee shop, you will need to do your planning. We provide our Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit that is guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars, and dozens of hours of time.  For more information, contact us – or continue browsing our resource articles.

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