The Myths of Starting a Coffee Shop

Starting a coffee business

myths of starting a coffee shop


The Myths of Starting a Coffee Shop (And How To Break Them!)

If you are thinking about starting a coffee business, your motivation may clash up against a variety of myths.

These myths can rise up to be powerful barriers that serve to only slam the brakes on your motivation and desire to start your coffee business. 

If you embark on learning how to start a coffee shop, you will immediately run up against many of them.


Let’s take a look at a few of them now:


Myth #1:

You have to be a coffee expert to start a coffee business.

Truth: Many current successful coffee shop owners started out with knowing just very little about coffee. This lack in experience in “coffee” – either serving coffee or knowing the elements of brewing – does not determine your success as a coffee shop owner.

Many coffee shop owners learned how to start a coffee shop by taking the time to listen to current and past coffee shop owners.  They’ve taken the time to read books and utilize all the resources they have to boost their knowledge in retail coffee.


Myth #2:

You have to either be a young, hipster-type, or a savvy business person to own and operate a coffee shop.

Truth: Most coffee shop owners are “Average Joes” or “Average Janes”.  In fact, most coffee business owners today come from all walks of life and are simply ordinary people who love coffee and decided to invest in own coffee business.


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Myth #3:

You have to have tons of cash to open a coffee business.

Truth: Starting a coffee business requires capital. But starting a coffee business doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or overly complicated.

Consider this: What do you need to make coffee? Well, you need coffee beans, a grinder, a brewer, and cups. (You’ll need hot water and some sugar and milk too.)

A coffee business can be as simple as brewing coffee and serving it… for money.

Now there are ways to get more complex. The more complex you get, potentially the more money you will spend up front to start your coffee shop. Beginning your research, developing your business plan, and carefully choosing the equipment and space you need can help you save money.

Additionally, there are a variety of business models and strategies to help you get the money you need to start your coffee business.  We have written about a variety of ways that you can get money for your coffee shop before.

We always say, dream big…but start small.

Start a business plan on a small coffee business. If you still can’t work out the numbers, then go even smaller until you reach a point where you can actually move forward.

Just start.

You can always grow.


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Myth #4: 

You have to have coffee business experience to open a coffee business.

Truth: Many successful first time business owners run coffee companies. Many have never had experience in coffee before entering the coffee scene.

But many – if not all of them – have really understood where they need business help and have either hired the help (or expert advice) or have worked hard to learn about retail coffee and the other important aspects of running a coffee business.

Much of this has to do with simply doing the research and asking existing or former coffee business owners lots of questions.


How to Shatter The Myths of Starting a Coffee Business


There will always be myths that challenge our dreams.  Whether you want to start a business.

The best way to shatter the myths is by “seeing for yourself” and learning from others.That’s why we have put together one of the most effective ways to boost your knowledge, expertise, and give you the confidence you need to start your coffee business.

Our Complete Coffee Shop Startups Kit provides you with 600 pages of resources and 15 hours of audio interviews with real coffee shop owners and business experts, covering some pretty important topics that you should know before you start your coffee business planning.

We’ve been helping aspiring coffee business owners all over the world for years to obtain the information they need to launch their own coffee business.

  • We cover important topics that you’ll need to know when starting out:
  • How to choose the right location for your coffee business.
  • What you need to know about your coffee business lease.
  • What equipment do you need to start your coffee business?
  • What ways can you save money on your coffee business?
  • Nearly 15 hours of interviews will deliver the information you need.

There is simply nothing available online (or offline) that as convenient, affordable, and relevant than our coffee shop business startup kit.

We've worked really hard to make it affordable for any serious aspiring coffee shop owner to learn how to start a coffee shop the right way – by hearing from business owners and experts directly. Doing so will help you address any fears or lack of confidence in starting your own coffee business.

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