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There’s never been a better time to start a coffee business. And there’s never been a better resource to help you get started the right way. We aim to do two simple things here at Coffee Shop Startups: to empower and inspire you to take action on your dream.

We’re tearing down the wall that has hindered so many new and aspiring coffee business owners throughout the years by offering a different kind coffee business guide. The fact is, that there is no right way to start your business, but there are plenty of good ways to do so. Why not draw on the experience of others to help you start your coffee business?

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#1: How to write a comprehensive coffee shop business plan?

#2: How to evaluate your location and revenue projections?

#3: How to shop for coffee equipment and save big money?

#4: How to manage your bookkeeping and hire great employees?

#5: The essentials of signing a coffee business lease?

#6: How to navigate your local health department’s approval process?

#7: How to design your café to comply with ADA laws?



Coffee Shops and cafes bring people together, be it family, friends, or co-workers. Our communities certainly need more of that magic. Seize this opportunity to become a beacon of happiness in your community. We’re rooting for you at every turn.

coffee shop business, coffee shop business plan

Not everyone has the ability to speak to seasoned coffee business veterans and professionals to access their expertise and knowledge about the retail coffee industry. We’ve created an online coffee business resource for new coffee business owners in one incredible package. Complete with coffee business plan templates, a pricing guide, must-hear audio interviews and bonuses – every new coffee shop owner should have.

Our Coffee Business Starter Kit gives you access to the important information you need to have before you start your coffee business. Nowhere else will you get this type of coffee business expertise delivered right to you. If you aren’t sure where to start your coffee business, then you will want to start right here.


Real World Knowledge and Expertise From Coffee Business Veterans


When you’re investing your life’s savings, we know that failing is NOT an option! That’s why we provide you with the answers you never knew you needed! No hype. Just real world knowledge and advice direct from successful coffee shop owners who have “been there” before.

coffee shop business

“If I didn’t have a well-written business plan, I would have looked like an amateur and my property manager would have never responded to my proposal.” – Scott, Coffee Business Owner.



What's at Stake With Your Lease:

start a cafe bookstore, start a coffeeshop bookstore, bookstore and coffee shop business “Location, Location, Location!” This is not just a mantra for a real-estate agent! Have you ever seen a restaurant spot that seems to constantly be going out of business? Or a very mediocre cafe that always has a long line of customers? Location will be playing a silent but powerful role in the success (or failure) of your business. Put great coffee and excellent customer service under a horrible lease and you could risk losing your entire business.

This interview is packed with essential guidance that you simply cannot afford to miss. If you want powerful insights on how to spot good and bad locations, then listening to this interview will be time well spent – and money saved. You‘ll also hear a detailed, candid discussion about the common mistakes café owners make when choosing where to open their shops. Plus, you will hear more detailed discussion about best way to prepare for your lease negotiation – advice that may easily save you from disaster, and could set you up for financial advantage. The information in this interview discussion will save you countless hours of research and comes at a fraction of the cost for a professional consultant.


How Important Your Equipment Decisions Will Be:

how to start a coffee shop, start a coffee businessStarting a coffee shop but would like to know more about the equipment you’ll need? You CANNOT afford to miss this discussion!

Your equipment is a vital investment in the success of your coffee shop. So the more you know about what to buy and how to buy the equipment you need – the better. This in-depth discussion contains information every aspiring and new coffee shop owner must know!

It features discussions on overall business and equipment plans, choosing the right espresso machine, balancing costs versus quality and more. We highlight coffee grinders and other items you may not have considered, in addition to repairs and accessories.

If you want to avoid the BIG dollar mistakes that many, many coffee shop owners make, then you’ll want to hear this interview!





Understanding The Health Department

How to write a coffee business planWorking with your local health department is absolutely critical to your ability to launch your coffee shop business successfully – period. Additionally, your coffee shop depends on passing regular health department protocols and inspections – or else you put your entire business (and customers) at risk! This is an audio interview you don’t want to miss. This in-depth audio interview will help you understand what you need to do to get your coffee shop business off the ground successfully when it comes to dealing with the health department.

Remember, each state, county, and city may have their own unique rules and health code regulations, but this in-depth interview contains a wide variety of important information that will help you understand the health department and your role as a coffee shop owner. While it is your duty as a business owner in your city to research the health regulations unique to your area, this interview will help prepare you to be successful. Many businesses waste money in delays because they don’t know where to begin when it come to the health department.


Knowing How To Price Your Items:

Open a Coffee Shop, How to Start a Coffee BusinessThe Coffee Shop Start Up Pricing Guide – How much should you price your coffee? Should you charge more than your competitors? Should you offer coupons and punch cards? In this one-of-a-kind coffee shop business guide, brought to you by Coffee Shop Start Ups, you will learn the about various price strategies most commonly used in small businesses, and gain the foundation you need to help price out your products so that your coffee business can be profitable!

To arrive at this guide we’ve interview dozens of independent coffee shop owners about their pricing strategies to help provide you with the knowledge and wisdom they have learned over the years to help prevent you from losing money and to boost your profits! *Delivered in a PDF format.


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