10 Easy Steps to Selling Coffee Online From Home

Selling Coffee Online From Home
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10 Easy Steps to Selling Coffee Online From Home


You gotta start somewhere. Thousands of would-be coffee shop owners have opted to start online than with a traditional “brick and mortar” coffee business.

We’ve helped hundreds of small business owners start their coffee shop, coffee stand, kiosk, or bakery. But many more aspiring coffee shop owners want to enter the retail coffee industry and struggle to find the money to do so. Many more are very sensitive to the risk of losing money.  This is certainly understandable.

Still, others want to simply see if “selling coffee” is the right fit for them and want an avenue to “dip their toes in the retail coffee industry. Selling coffee online is a great way to do this. If this describes you, then perhaps the first step to starting a coffee shop (or any business) might be selling coffee from home. I

In the following article, we’ll explore just how to do that. Please note that Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which I get compensated at no additional cost. 


How to Sell Coffee Online From Home

Selling Coffee Online From HomeMeet “BioWilly”, owner and roaster of BioWilly’s Beans. I had a chance to interview William a few years back just as he was starting his own business: roasting and selling his coffee right out of his own home in Seattle. William is a former middle-school teacher and an eco-friendly guy who loves coffee.

He wanted to sell his own coffee from home. In his basement more specifically.

So, as it would turn out, he decided to start roasting his own beans and selling them from home.  

As a former science teacher, he roasts his beans a little differently – using solar power. Just to give you an idea of who Willy is, he also retrofitted his car to run on restaurant grease too. So it was natural that he called his coffee roasting company, BioWilly's Beans.

Today, he sells his coffee online and to coffee retail businesses… right from his own home!

While he roasts from his basement with his small Deidrich roaster that has a flue that carries the smoke outside, many people can sell coffee from home without having it to roast the coffee beans themselves. In other words, you don't necessarily need to roast your own beans to sell them at home.

If you want to sell coffee too there are plenty of options to do so. 


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The Benefits of Selling Coffee Online From Your Home?

People love coffee. Most of the time, people who love coffee, simply buy the same store-bought brands without thinking about it…. But what if you can change that within your family and friends?

What if you can offer people coffee that you love? What if you can share the story behind the coffee that you are offering (Whether it’s the unique flavors that come from origin country or the roasting techniques? You would be providing a convenient and interesting coffee tasting opportunity for people. This is all possible with selling coffee online from home – and you can do it at a considerably lower cost then starting a coffee shop.

There are quite a few benefits to selling coffee from home. Let’s offer a few of the benefits now:

  • Overall Lower costs
  • Allows you a flexible schedule
  • Makes a great part-time (or full-time) business
  • Allows you to try out the retail coffee business
  • Helps you to develop your coffee branding
  • Helps you to develop a dedicated following of your coffee
  • You can work on a “pay-as-you-go” inventory setup


Selling Coffee Online From Home Can Be Profitable…

Selling coffee online can be profitable, but it can also be hard. It takes diligent and consistent work to make money online. Success comes to those who work hard, dedicate themselves to learning, adapting, and sticking with it.

Success comes easier, however, to those who plan out their business. Additionally, success comes to those who take them time to think about their plan and executes it well.

Selling online can deliver all the benefits listed above, including delivering you a personal profit.


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Your Easy Steps To Selling Coffee Online From Home


 1. Determine Who You Are Going To Sell To

When you start any business (including an online business) you want to know who you are generally going to sell to. In other words, who will your customers be?

Will your customers buy your coffee from you primarily online? Will your customers be coffee shops and small local markets? Do you remember BioWilly's Beans from above? He sells his coffee to both online to individuals and to local food/coffee establishments.


2. Buck The Coffee Trend By Connecting To a Cause

Another possible way to approach your online coffee business is to discover a niche customer or coffee consumer. Selling coffee online from home can also be a great way to contribute to your local community or favorite organization. Many customers want to buy coffee if it supports a cause, a group, an organization.  We’ve discovered one company who sells coffee to help veterans. Other online coffee stores want to help children with disabilities, schools, churches, or fight homelessness in your city.

Pick a cause! People like the idea of helping others with the local coffee that they buy.

Start looking at different ways to create a win-win-win situation with the coffee that you area selling. 

Specifically, this is what I mean when you choose to go this route:

  • A win for you (a sale)
  • A win for your customer (they get great tasting coffee)
  • A win for the organization you are helping (they get a small donation)

Consider what the organization that you want to help can do for you. Can they spread the word about your business, follow your social networks, or even buy coffee from you instead of buying from the corporate box store?


3. Create a Website and Platform

If you want your online coffee business to be successful, you will need a professional looking website for your customers to place their orders.

There is simply no way around it, you need a responsive website to sell your coffee from home.  

Your website should be responsive, have shopping cart features, and be able to process your orders.

Your website needs:

  • To be responsive (look good with any device)
  • Have shopping cart features
  • Be able to process orders

We’ve received positive responses from previous write-ups done about setting up your e-commerce website before, you can read them here.

What we have found is that today you have affordable options to create high-quality, secure websites – without knowing or understanding any computer techie stuff!

Let’s just review the website store options we have previously recommended:

Shopify and Selz offer two excellent platforms for you to quickly and easily set-up your own online business. You can get your domain name and hosting and shopping cart directly through each of them. Selling coffee online from home will be done a lot more effectively with a dependable e-commerce platform. 

Both Shopify and Selz provides an excellent and secure shopping cart system where your customers can buy with confidence.


4. Develop Your Branding and Packaging

Much of your success will be based on people trusting your brand. So choose a name and logo that people can easily remember, trust, and which embodies the purpose of your business.

If you need help creating a logo consider visiting 99Designs or Fiverr.

Once you get your logo, create an ink stamp of your logo to be used on your coffee bags. You may also decide to create stickers instead, but ink might be the most effective and low-cost way to do this.  You start with getting simple packaging for your coffee:

Brown Paper Packaging (Use your own Ink Stamp)

Black Paper Packaging (Needs Sticker)


4. Determine Where You’re Going to Get Your Coffee From

This is is always a big question for people who want to sell coffee online from home. Where do you get your coffee to actually sell to your customers?

Where you actually get your coffee from really depends on what type of online coffee business you plan to establish.

For example, if you want to roast your own coffee beans and sell online, you will need green beans or coffee that hasn’t been roasted yet. You will most likely go through a coffee broker. Starting your own coffee roasting operation can be beneficial in the long run, driving down costs, and allowing you the freedom to create your own coffee roasting profile.

If you are looking to sell roasted coffee beans but not start your own roasting company, consider approaching local roasters in your area. Often local roasters would be delighted to work with someone who is buying coffee from them – even at wholesale rates. Consider selling their brand (just like Bean Box) or selling under your own label.


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6. Start Taking Pictures & Getting Your Written Copy Together

When you sell your coffee from home or online, people want to see pictures. They also want to read about you, your business, and of course, your coffee!

Determine what the front page of your website will look like. What will you say to new or returning visitors?

If you don’t have your coffee yet, consider getting your own packaging and labeling together and start taking pictures of bags.


7. Keep SEO in Mind From the Very Beginning

Having your potential customers find you online is essential to your success. “Search Engine Optimization” is a general term for constructing your website and its content in a manner that search engines like.

For example, Google loves to boost website rankings to those websites who have fresh and relevant content for potential readers. Additionally, Google loves when a website is user-friendly, responsive to any device. Website development with Shopify and Selz are great for this.

Google loves when you start blogging and offering your customers a depth-of information. This is also a win-win situation for you too, because the longer your customer stays on your website the higher the likelihood that they will buy from you.


8. Start Opening Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is important because it could really help drive contract to your website. There are so many options out there, where should you begin? I recommend opening your social media business accounts using Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The great thing about social media accounts is that they are free!  Many people can also sell directly on their social media accounts as well.


9. Build Networks To Help Your Business

The key to marketing your business is to build networks online and offline. Selling coffee online from home doesn’t just mean sitting on your couch and waiting for your neighbors to come knocking (though they might!). Get out there are and introduce yourself and your business. Approach coffee shops, cafes, and people at farmer’s markets. Selling coffee online from home can be fun, interesting, and profitable. The best way to do is it stay active – proactive – and follow through on your plans.

Selling coffee online from home can start with sending out an email to coffee bloggers or other business organizations that might be interested in your coffee. Building networks can only help strengthen your brand and lead to sales.


10. Deliver Excellent Customer Service Every time

Selling coffee online from home most likely will entail having repeat customers. Repeat customers are the key to your business.  In fact, once someone buys from you, the higher the chance that they will buy from you again. Therefore, treat your customers like gold.

When a customer has a question, answer it quickly.  When a customer orders from you, send out the coffee as soon as you possibly can. Consider any loyalty rewards or strategies to keep your customer coming back.


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Selling Coffee From Home Can Only Be Profitable…

If You Start Now… Where You Are…

Selling coffee online from home, either online or offline, can generate a great opportunity for you in the retail coffee business. It can help familiarize yourself with the local retail industry, build your brand, develop your customer base for a coffee shop opening in the future, and help bring in extra money.  

But you need to start where you are.

And perhaps more importantly, you need to do something today to get your online coffee business going. Whether is getting your website store and domain name (using Shopify or Selz), or whether you want to get a logo design made, you have to start somewhere but you have to just start.

We've laid out some pretty easy-to-follow steps for you to get started! If you are still unsure where to begin, send us an email or get our online guide to starting your own online coffee business by signing up for our free guide and newsletter.


Resources to Selling Coffee Online From Home:


Coffee Shop Startups is the premiere resource for starting your coffee business. We aim to help aspiring coffee entrepreneurs set up and establish their business.


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