Which POS System Is Best for a Coffee Shop?

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A successful coffee shop has to have everything running smoothly for you to make a daily profit. When you first start thinking about your coffee shop business, you will probably focus on your espresso machine, grinders, and other appliances.

In your coffee shop planning, you will have to consider your Point of Sale (POS) system, which will be one of the most important items you'll use during the work day.

The way we buy things has changed. When was the last time you paid with cash?

Without a modern and dependable POS system, your coffee business will struggle to make ordinary transactions.  As you know from first hand experience, today customers are growing more accustomed to paying with their credit or debit cards and receiving their receipts via email or text messages. 

In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, credit/debit card transaction surpassed cash-only transactions in 2016. That means, you will need to ensure that you have a safe way to process credit/debit card transactions for your coffee business. Finding the right POS system for your coffee shop will ensure that.

Here's what your coffee shop needs to run smoothly:

  • An espresso machine
  • Coffee grinders
  • A Point-of-Sale (POS) system

Your equipment needs to work everyday. If anyone of these important pieces of equipment goes down in your coffee shop, you’ll be hard-pressed to make money on any given day.

We’ve previously spent a lot of time talking about general coffee equipment, such as espresso machines, coffee grinders, etc.

Today, we would like to turn our attention to your coffee shop POS system. While it's often the last thing most new coffee shop owners think about, it's probably among the most important tool you will be using every day – besides your espresso machine and coffee grinders, of course!

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What is a Coffee Shop POS System?

Best Coffee Shop POS systemYour Coffee Shop POS system is essentially your cash register. It is your “Point of Sale” or the very spot where you make financial transactions with your customers through a variety of methods.

Your POS system usually contains a register, a cash drawer, receipt printer, and debit or credit card reader.

Your POS “system” generally comprises of hardware and software.

Now, before your eyes get too glassy, let’s just quickly say that your POS system is comprised hardware, as well as the software that makes credit card transactions possible.

Generally, your POS system will be comprised of the following physical items:

  • A screen
  • Credit card reader
  • Cash drawer
  • Bar code scanner (optional)
  • Receipt printer (optional)


Modern POS systems are also comprised of two software systems:

The POS software calculates the various transactions for any number or products and items on your menu. There are generally two types of software systems:

On-site software – This is where you buy your POS software and install it on your computer.

Cloud-based – This is where the information is stored online “in the cloud”. If your internet goes down temporarily, your transactions will be uploaded when your internet is back up.

Which is better? Without a doubt, cloud-based POS systems are more reliable, secure, and robust. 


Your POS System Coffee Shop Explained


choose a coffee shop pos systemNow…

Choosing the Wrong POS System Can Lead To:

  • Lost sales 
  • Frustrated customers
  • Frazzled employees

When you are running a coffee shop, you want none of these to happen, especially right before your morning coffee rush!

When a cash register (or Point-of-Sale system) crashes, there’s not a lot you can do, except take cash only, which will reduce your sales, frustrate your customers, and frazzle your employees.

Your coffee shop cash register needs to work every single time, so that you don’t lose any customers. Having a cloud-based POS system makes this possible. 

There are variety of Coffee Shop POS systems available. Which Coffee Shop POS is best? We are one of the few POS reviewers who have gone out to actually ask the real-world people that work with them on a daily basis.




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Having an effective and easy way to charge your customers for their Americano and latte orders is essential for your profitability. This means you will need a reliable cash register system that works for your coffee shop or coffee business.

Your coffee shop’s POS system should be more than just a cash register. 

For example, you definitely want a secure, easy, and fast POS system that runs smoothly, but you also want it to integrate well with accounting software like QuickBooks. You also want it to deliver usable data that helps you make better decisions.

  • Run smoothly
  • Integrate well with Apps
  • Be secure with customer information & your money
  • Be easy to use

Having a dependable POS system for your coffee shop is just as important as having a well-tuned espresso machine that can handle the volume you need to satisfy your customers and make as many transactions as smooth as possible.


Learn More About Today's POS System Capabilities 


Best POS for Coffee Shops, Best POS Coffee Shops, Coffee Shop POS Systems, Coffee Shop POS Reviews,


Your POS System Should Provide You With…

Better Sales Reports 

Detailed sales reports of what you sold, percentage of sales, when you sold it, etc. These detailed reports will help you continuously re-evaluate many of your business decisions. This data would include what hours are you making your biggest sales and which items are you selling the most. 

Inventory Management

You want a POS system that tells you when you need to order new products for your coffee business. Perhaps you need more coffee cups, lids, sleeves, or other items. You will want an effective and consistent way to manage your inventory.

Customer Acquisition & Management

You want a Coffee Shop POS system that helps you manage your customers, communicate with them, and keep them loyal to your business.

Employee Management 

Your POS system should help you keep track of employee hours accurately can save you thousands of dollars every year.

Seamless Integration

Your POS system should integrate well with other POS registers you have for your cafe(s).  Your POS system should also integrate with any software such as QuickBooks. 

Iron-Clad Security

Let's face it, you don't want to be responsible for customer data loss. You also don't want to be hacked or have any other problems with your transactions being completed and money being transferred.


Coffee Shop POS System

Today’s economy is a lot different than it was just 10 years ago. Could you imagine living without a computer or your smart phone today? I am sure that you couldn’t! I sure cannot!

The information and functionality that you can get at your fingertips with your POS system helps you do a number of tasks easily that we couldn’t have dreamed about just a few years ago.

Likewise, your Coffee Shop POS system should be able to provide you with the easy-to-tabulate and easy-to-interpret data that can shine a light on your business-making decisions.


What POS features are we talking about here, exactly?

  • Real time analytics
  • Sales by hour (week & month)
  • Percentage of sales
  • Employee time clock
  • Inventory management
  • Customer information
  • Electronic receipts, emails, texts
  • Toggle sales tax, custom orders
  • Customizable to your business


This is all important stuff, right? You need to be able to count on your POS system to process payments reliability and securely, but you will want it to also do all of the above as well.

Is there a POS system that does that? Yes, we have found one that consistently offers retail and coffee shops with these essential elements: ShopKeep



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Not all Coffee Shop POS Systems are the same.

In light of the details we’ve provided above, you will have a variety of Coffee Shop POS systems available to use for your coffee shop, café bakery, or coffee stand.

Like your espresso machine, you don’t want to mess with an unreliable POS system for your coffee shop business.

ShopKeep’s register is fast, reliable, and easily customizable to your coffee business. We like what we see, but more importantly you need to explore your POS options that works for your coffee business.

Another great feature of ShopKeep, is that it also works offline, just in case you temporarily lose your internet connection. With ShopKeep you can easily create discounts, edit taxes, and provide custom orders for each customer. 

Coffee managers believe that ShopKeep makes each transaction faster, easier, and more manageable. 

Additionally, ShopKeep leads the industry in customer service satisfaction. When you are dealing with your money and revenue, you'll be glad you have the kind of support ShopKeep offers.


the best pos for a coffee shop

You want a Coffee Shop POS system that’s going to process transactions for your coffee business without a hitch – every time.

That’s why we like ShopKeep. And we think you will too!

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Learn Why We Like The ShopKeep POS System

Here are a few things you can do with ShopKeep’s POS system:

  • You can take cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. You can even process a combination of these, such as cash and credit cards for the same transaction!
  • Got gift cards? No worries, utilize ShopKeep to integrate your gift card purchases and processing.
  • Tips can be entered directly on the screen.
  • You can print, or email your receipts, which can help you grow your email list.
  • With ShopKeep you can easily split checks and sync between multiple registers.


ShopKeep Takes Better Care of Your Money

  • You can manage money drops in your safe and payouts for petty cash.
  • With just a few taps, your staff can clock in or clock out.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks.
  • All this information can be provided in real time that you can access anywhere!

In other words, it has everything you will need to make fast, easy transactions. This is important when you've got a long line of customers who want to get their coffee quickly and go on with their day.

I can't tell you how many lost sales (and revenue) I have seen just because the POS system was down or was too slow to process transactions. This won't happen with ShopKeep.


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Best POS for Coffee Shops, Best POS Coffee Shops, Coffee Shop POS Systems, Coffee Shop POS Reviews,

Learn More About ShopKeep's Features


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Paying Your Taxes Is Now Easier

When your quarterly tax payments are due, you'll be happy you chose ShopKeep. Most coffee shop businesses have to pay their taxes on a quarterly basis. As an LLC, you will have to pay your personal taxes every year too.

With ShopKeep's easy-to-use QuickBook Integration, you'll be glad to have every customer transaction, business purchase, and inventory data point accessible so that you can easily pay your taxes easily and quickly. Now you can have all the data, all the time, making your life easier when tax time comes (and it comes every year!)

We think any business that will manage your money needs to provide you with excellent service. ShopKeep has made customer service their #1 priority.

We’ve heard and seen so many reviews from happy customers who believe that the value of their service comes down to their excellent customer service.


Excellent Customer Service Matters  

No doubt, when we're talking about your money and revenue, the customer service you receive from your POS system provider really matters. This why we give ShopKeep the highest possible recommendation for a POS system for any coffee business: ShopKeep delivers excellent customer service.

Customer service can literally save you hundreds of dollars a day by making sure that you are up and running and able to process your transactions safely, securely, and without any hassle for your customers.  

Customer service isn't important … until you actually need it.  When you need help with your POS system, you'll be glad you chose ShopKeep.



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POS System

We Strongly Recommend…

Best POS for Coffee Shops, Best POS Coffee Shops, Coffee Shop POS Systems, Coffee Shop POS Reviews,

The ShopKeep POS System



Why ShopKeep?

We believe the last thing coffee shop owners want to deal with is POS issues when customers start arriving in the morning. Your POS system needs to be safe, dependable, and able to handle lots of customer traffic.   ShopKeep does this. 

This Coffee Shop POS system has everything that you will to manage your transactions, inventory, customer information, and employee schedules – all affordably.

When you are taking care of customers and running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your Coffee Shop POS system is working. ShopKeep works just as hard as you do.  

Their robust platform can help you ensure that you are also making the best decisions for your business. This would include helping you determine what products are selling (and which are not), what inventory you should be ordering today, all while integrating it with your accounting software.

Running a coffee shop business means you need to be as efficient as possible, keep costs down, and use data to help you make decisions. ShopKeep does this for you.

Check out ShopKeep. Try ShopKeep today and see how much money you'll save.

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Our Interview With Post Alley Cafe About Their ShopKeep POS System

Coffee Shop POS


We know that making the right POS choice for your coffee shop is important to you. That's why instead of hearing from us, we thought you would want to hear directly from those who use ShopKeep.

We recently interviewed the folks over at Post Alley Cafe in Seattle. This is an incredible cafe that has a deeply loyal base and finds itself busy. They also recommend ShopKeep.


Listen to start your coffee shop

Listen the following audio interview to find out why they use ShopKeep:


Learn More About ShopKeep's POS System


Best POS for Coffee Shops, Best POS Coffee Shops, Coffee Shop POS Systems, Coffee Shop POS Reviews,

Best POS for Coffee Shops, Best POS Coffee Shops, Coffee Shop POS Systems, Coffee Shop POS Reviews,


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