10 Benefits of Starting a Coffee Shop Business in 2016

how to start a coffee shop business, benefits to opening a coffee business


how to open a coffee shop, how to open a coffee business

how to open a coffee shop

Serving great coffee and loving your job. Photo credit: Tumblr/iamcollin

Will 2016 be your year for opening a coffee shop or setting up a coffee stand business?

If so, there is plenty to be confident about.

If you are sitting on the proverbial fence on whether or not you should start your own coffee business (such as an espresso stand, coffee bar or café), we want you to know that you are not alone.

Many current successful coffee business owners were once in your shoes – in fact, they all were! And while they took a risk in opening their dream coffee shop, they also made some important decisions before getting started with their coffee business that led to their success: planning, researching, and taking the time to develop their coffee shop business concept.

Once you begin doing the necessary research, planning, and the subsequent development of your coffee business concept, you will naturally and steadily gain more confidence to start and open your coffee shop. 

When it’s all said and done, however, aspiring coffee business entrepreneurs can point to several benefits of starting a coffee business this year. Let's take a moment to explore these below.


how-to-start-a-coffee-business, how to open a coffee shop


The Benefits of Opening and Starting a Coffee Shop Business in 2016


Benefit #1: Enjoy a Sense of Freedom! 

Having your own coffee business can create the kind of freedom you might be looking for – and which you have heard a lot about from other successful business owners. But what freedom are we talking about exactly?

Well, it depends on what your current situation might be, but certainly for many, it’s the freedom from having to “clock in” every day or from having to literally beg for your week of vacation every year from your boss.

While owning and operating a coffee shop business will take lots of work and profound dedication, including early morning and weekend shifts, having your own successful coffee shop can provide you with the freedom that comes from owning and operating a successful business.

For everyone that freedom can be defined differently. For example, in this case, it could mean flexible schedule. The ability to choose who you want to work with. The ability to be off work when your kids need you. Or when you simply want the time to pursue other dreams and interest beyond your professional life. Of course, the list can go on and on. What kind of freedoms are you looking to achieve with your coffee shop?


Benefit #2: Be Your Own Boss!

There is nothing quite being your own boss – to have the “final” word, to make the final decisions, to be the master of your own creation. If you're feeling the itch to steer your own ship, then this just may be the time for you to utilize your business skills, work experience, and your passion, and create something that can provide you with the lasting and “life changing” benefits you may be looking for.

It’s no secret: Being your own boss is often the life-time goal of many working individuals.

If you like making decisions and are confident that you have what it takes to lead a small, but thriving business forward, then starting a coffee shop business or coffee stand just might be a good option for you. But don’t get us wrong, you will still be obligated to perform: being your own boss requires a new set of responsibilities, and provides a another layer of stresses and anxieties that should not be overlooked when starting your own business.  

While the sacrifices and risks you take are real, so to are the benefits and potential for profitability. Being your own boss in a coffee business that you create – without having to answer to anyone except your personal expectations and of course, your customers, can be among the biggest reasons to start your own coffee business.


Benefit #3: Be Profitable!

Having a profitable coffee business is certainly the goal here (or at least it should be). I have met many successful coffee business owners who have worked very hard to get to the place where their café or coffee stand is profitable.

Once they achieve the cross over to profitability, their efforts usually don’t stop there! Like coffee, success can be addicting and a coffee business owner is always tempted to grow or develop their business into something more.

Coffee business owners are often driven by their personal ambition to boost their profits, expand, or push the envelope when it comes to customer service. Consider Starbucks back in the day in Seattle. It started as a small business owned by a couple of friends only to grow into one of the world's most recognized brands!

In other words, profitability matters and it is important, but it is often only one of the many results that occurs from the passion and commitment business entrepreneurs have.

Nevertheless, having a profitable coffee business can be a life-changing achievement! Your standard of living and remaining independent from a boss, can increase your personal earnings in a manner that will help mold your lifestyle in the one you have always wanted. I met a young woman who leveraged her coffee shop's earning potential to buy her first home. While the prospects of opening a successful coffee shop business is enticing, it can also open up many, many new doorways for you and your life..


how to open a coffee stand business


 how to start a coffee business

Benefit #4: Uplift Your Community

There is an incredible un-quantifiable satisfaction with developing a business that is profitable and provides you with a life-changing lifestyle – but it may also improve your community as well.

For some business owners, this may be the most important reason to start a coffee business – while for others, it may be the “icing on the cake”. A coffee shop business that transforms a community is incredibly valuable.

While profits are certainly a goal, changing the way our neighbors engage with one another and providing the space for your community to “be a community” is nearly irreplaceable. Having a thriving coffee business provides owners, co-workers, and neighbors with an incredible feeling that is hard to replicate.


 how to start a coffee shop


Benefit #5: You Can Express Your Creativity

Having your own coffee business allows the owner to shed the demands and parameters of others and create something personal with their own concept in mind.

In essence, having the freedom to express yourself and your creativity through your coffee business is another great benefit of starting your own business.

In fact, once you experience the freedom to executive your vision for your business, it’s often really hard to go back and work for someone else. Coffee businesses can come in all shapes and colors. Fortunately, a benefit of starting your own business allows you to pick and choose which shape and which color.

The expression of creativity shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, long before many people decide to open a coffee shop or coffee stand, they day dream and think about their business in an inspirational way. Opening a coffee business allows you to realize, build upon, and tangibly implement your creativity within.

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Benefit #6: Socialize With Your Neighbors… And Get Paid!

Getting paid to do what you love: chat with friends, meet new people, and make people happy. Is there a better job than that? Having a successful coffee shop doesn’t just mean making a nice profit every month. It also means being able to feel engaged with your neighbors.

After all… we’ve all be there, right?

Picture the scenario: You are working non-stop and are anxious about making your deadlines. You’re worried about your rent check clearing. You haven’t eaten all day, so you quickly stop into a café to pick up a donut and coffee. 

You open the door and everyone is happy, smiling, and relaxed. Some people are studying, others are reading, and lovers are on their dates.

The owner is smiling and talking to a patron. The cash register is singing.  All the while, you think to yourself, you can’t remember the last time you saw your neighbor, let alone have a good conversation with her.

Having a coffee shop business puts you front-and-center with socializing. Sure, you have to do hard work and there will be times when you just can’t socialize or talk because of time constraints and business obligations. However, if you want it, socializing will be a major part of business and is an incredible benefit.


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 how to start a coffee shop, building a lasting business with a coffee shop



Benefit #7: Enroll in a “Real Life” Business School

Many people have thought about going to business school first and then starting a business. I never like to discourage someone from going to graduate school, but if I can guarantee that if you move forward and successfully start a coffee shop business, you will be better-versed in business. And not only that, if you do decide to go to graduate school anyway, you will also do a lot better in school.

The experience of starting your own coffee business is a lot like providing you with an opportunity to attend a “real life business school”. Being a small business owner demands that you learn everything from accounting, financing, management, marketing, human resources, etc.

The experience and knowledge you gain from owning your own café or coffee business can translate to a variety of other positions (if that is what you choose) and it help you develop the confidence that you need to grow, mature, and develop in your business skills.


how to open a coffee shop, how to start a coffee business



Benefit #8: Share Great Coffee and Your Passion!

Hello?! We're talking about coffee here! Of course, you're passionate about it! Of course, you'll want to share it with your friends, neighbors, and customers.

If you love coffee you might often spend time sharing it with others, such as your family and friends. Having your own coffee business allows you to share your coffee passion with others on a whole new level. After all, coffee is wonderful. It's a social drink that brings people together. 

With exceptional coffee more available than ever before, and an enthusiastic and growing market, you can share incredible local roasts, blends, and brewing methods with your customers. 


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Benefit #9: Build a Lasting Business

Coffee will never go out of style. I am pretty confident about that. Like many other business that depend on making money while the product (or line of products) are fashionable, coffee has been enjoyed for many hundreds of years. 

And it will continued to be enjoyed for many more hundreds of years. The fact is that the growing market of people who enjoy espresso based drinks is increasing – and continues to remain a growing industry. In addition, providing a welcoming social space for people in your community never really goes out of style.

By creating a worthy brand, quality customer service, and a community hot spot that people love to visit, you can build a lasting business that grows and evolves over time. In addition, a good brand and loyal customers can develop solid equity that can either be “cashed in” when you want to retire or when you want to move forward with something else. Building a lasting business is feasible with a coffee shop.


Benefit #10 Build Upon Personal Success & Achievement

A successful business is always the prize. It would be hard for a coffee shop owner who didn’t want the personal feeling of success to deny that achieving success wasn’t important. Opening a coffee shop is no small feat.

Having a successful coffee shop is certainly a big deal. Creating a real and tangible business can create a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. That sense of accomplishment is important and truly a great benefit to any entrepreneur.

Of course, achieving success doesn't always come easy and it doesn't come overnight. Like any successful startup, achieving success as you open a coffee shop or coffee stand business, you will put in work, you will have skin in the game, and develop your personal and business skills. All of these help you build your story of personal success and achievement.


how to start your coffee business, how to open your coffee business, how to open a coffee stand


The Personal Benefits of Opening a Coffee Shop Business

The truth is that we are all motivated to start a coffee business for different reasons. While there are plenty of benefits to having (developing and creating) a successful coffee business, what matters is the benefits that it personally brings for you.  

We discuss this subject quite a bit in our free coffee shop business guide, which we feel in among the best ways to learn how to open your own coffee business.

By taking the advice and wisdom of people who have already started a coffee business, with our coffee business kit, you'll get a unique guide to developing and starting your own business. With hours and hours of expert interviews, our guide is certainly a powerful tool to help get your business started.


So, Will 2016 Be Your Year To Open Your Coffee Business?

If so, where should you start?

how to start a coffee shop


We recommend that if you want to start a coffee business, you should start learning everything you can about retail coffee. We recommend that you ask questions to those coffee business owners who have already succeeded.

Whether you want to be a coffee shop owner, a doctor, or an actor, you want to ask successful people in that specific profession everything you can – to gain an expertise and wisdom you need. By listening to experts and professionals in a field will help you to develop your specific planning and help you avoid common mistakes that end up sinking would-be successful business owners.

That is why we’ve created a unique package to help you listen to other successful business owners – to help you see what they did wrong, what they did right, and how they would “do it all over again” to be more successful, much more quickly. You definitely at the right place.

For starters, continue reading our blog, where we offer some detailed conversations that are important for those who are interested in starting a coffee shop or coffee drive-thru business. Our collection of free coffee business articles may help answer some questions or perhaps take you to another level of thinking. When you are ready, consider our coffee shop business startup kit, as a resource before you start your coffee shop. 

Unlike any other resource, you can start listening to experts talk about how they would start a coffee shop business – from your property lease, to your coffee equipment choices, to your hiring our audio kit provides you a way to get the most relevant information for people who have actually started their coffee business. Now might be the best time to take action and start a coffee business, but only you can do that.


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Okay Let's Be Fair… Are There Any Drawbacks To Opening a Coffee Business?


questions you need to know before starting a coffee business, how to start a coffee business

photo credit: m.inmagine.com

For each individual business owner there could be dozens of personal benefits to starting a successful coffee business.  

The keyword here is successful. Unfortunately, many would-be successes fail to be successful because of a lack of planning, understanding, and the inability to learn from others.

Of course, there are plenty of other internal and external factors for failure or success. But our hope is that we provide you with the information and expertise to help get you own the path towards success.

Having a struggling coffee business is tough on anyone. Hemorrhaging money every month just stay afloat is not a recipe for profitability.

There are real risks to starting any business, and having a coffee shop is no exception. The loss of money, good credit, or even years of positive income can all be in the cards for any entrepreneur. 

Our goal here at CoffeeShopStartups.com is to provide you, the would-be coffee business owner, with the expertise, knowledge, and wisdom of other coffee business veterans.

Our unique and original coffee shop business kit can provide you with taking your very first best step in opening your coffee shop business in 2016. 




how to start a coffee business, the best time to start a coffee business

how to start a coffee business, how to write a coffee shop business plan, start a bikini stand

The top reasons we've discovered when it comes to failed coffee businesses:

  • A failure to plan.
  • A failure to do the necessary research.
  • A failure to have the “willingness and attitude” to learn and grow.
  • Underestimating the wide spectrum of skills you need.
  • Underestimating your cash flow.
  • Not planning for enough cash flow to carry your business until profitability.
  • Hiring and poor management
  • Too much debt
  • Overestimating Sales

We believe our Coffee Shop Startup Business Kit can help you address each of these areas by giving you the information and the wisdom that only comes from the direct experience with opening a retail coffee business. No business is fail safe, but every business can reduce their risk. All you have to do is drive around you're town and you will see signs that coffee businesses work and can be profitable.

Learning as much as you can, maintaining your passion, and deliberately moving forward every day to address potential barriers will be your job as you think about starting a coffee business.
If you ever dreamed of opening a coffee shop or starting a coffee stand, our coffee startup kit allows you an unprecedented “behind the scenes” look at starting a coffee business with our thoughtful and intriguing interviews with real coffee business professionals and business experts.
how to start a coffee business, how to write a coffee shop business plan, start a bikini stand
What you can do today to start your coffee shop business:
  • Get your website up and branding up and running (How to Start an Online Coffee Business)
  • Visit your local cafes (your potential competition)
  • Interview a local coffee shop owner (or listen to our coffee shop startup kit interviews)
  • Develop your logo and branding
  • Start Writing Your Business Plan



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Have you ever wanted to ask a successful coffee business owner the following questions:

how to start a coffee shop, how to open a coffee stand, how to open a coffee shop


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